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Trade Show Marketing

Helping you with your trade show marketing needs

Attendees make your trade show investment worthwhile, and you want to make sure they know who you are and why your booth should be an important destination for them at an upcoming show. Whether you need help with pre-, during- or post-show marketing engagement, Ion Exhibits can provide you with the guidance you need to get booth traffic flowing and make a lasting impression.

Pre-show marketing buzz

Your marketing buzz starts before your attendee ever hits the show floor. Pre-show marketing provides a foundation for your booth message. It can also help get your message in front of high value prospects and make your booth one they will seek out at the show. Work with the marketing team at Ion Exhibits to create buzz around your company and exhibit before show launch.

During-show marketing strategy

A strategy for engagement during your trade show can help in two ways: by driving booth traffic and connecting your company with quality leads to make your trade show presence worthwhile. The team at Ion Exhibits can work with your onsite marketing team so you are capturing engagement magic in the booth and sharing it at the show.

Post-show marketing engagement

One of the worst mistakes companies can make is to collect leads at a show and have no plan of engagement once the show is over. Planning your post-show engagement is as important at the show itself. Ion Exhibits can help you craft you post-show messaging so the energy from the show floor continues with your attendees off the show floor.

A cohesive marketing plan to stay connected with prospects

A solid marketing plan carries your brand message through pre-, during- and post-show engagement. Crafting consistent communications can shorten your sales cycle and drive better conversion of your trade show leads. Let Ion Exhibits help you to create a cohesive marketing plan that can be tracked and measured for effectiveness and tied back to your trade show engagement and show ROI.