Ion Exhibits

Production & Printing

High Quality Production, Made in the USA

At Ion Exhibits, we pride ourselves with the latest technologies of in-house printing and production capabilities. Having design, engineering and fabrication in the same facility allows our creative team to collaborate with our printing and production teams, so the design on paper is the one that is created for your booth. Ion Exhibits also has a rigorous quality control system in place, so we know the graphics and booth elements that are produced are show-ready and client-worthy.

Our Equipment

Ion Exhibits is proud to print all client graphics in-house at our US facility where exhibits are staged. Our state-of-the-art equipment prints custom graphics that are large format in high definition colors, including d.gen Teleios Grande G5 dye-sublimation fabric printing with 10' seam-less widths, Arizona 2200XT ultra-violet flat-bed printing on textiles including PVC's, acrylics, foam-cores, wallpaper and 48" vinyl plotting.

Graphic Finishing

On-site finishing high-quality graphics is the key for a true fit-n-finish of trade show displays. Finishing stations include state-of-the-art automated Cronos sewing workstation for SEG, velcro and zipper fabric applications, digital Juki serges, digital Singer sewers, laser measuring and digital Multi-cam Celero 7 cutting and routing.

Custom Graphics

Ion Exhibits knows that the production of your graphics is a key component to creating a professional and unforgettable trade show booth experience. No matter what assistance you need, our design team can assist you with your custom graphics. We can provide you with full design services, or with assistance to help inspire you to create the right graphics for your conference.

No Size Is Too Large

Ion Exhibits knows that no matter what booth property is in your inventory, having professional graphics and booth elements can tie your brand together. We are happy to assist you, whether it is for a single pop-up banner or a large trade show booth installation. We can also help you review your current inventory to make sure your brand messaging is consistent and your booth elements are ready for your next show.

Eco Friendly Options

Ion Exhibits offers a wide range of environmentally-friendly printing and production options. Green printing has advanced with new water-based sustainable ink choices, as well as sustainable materials such as re-claimed woods. Learn more about our eco friendly display booths.