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Exhibit Management Program

Let the Experts at Ion Manage Your Trade Show Booth

Managing your trade show exhibit can be time-consuming. It includes making sure the right booth properties arrive on time and show ready. What's more, good exhibit management requires extensive attention to detail and balancing multiple deadlines and stakeholders. The tenured staff at Ion Exhibits brings expertise and thousands of successful shows to your team. They can handle the show exhibit services and allow you to put your focus where it needs to be: on your attendees.

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Cloud-Based Inventory Management

Worry that details might fall through the cracks? Ion leverages innovative Exhibit-Force as its cloud-based project & inventory management systems, providing our exhibit management clients with 24/7 portal access to exhibit & show material inventory, event details & show service orders. Show details add up, and every task is important to execute.

Exhibit Storage

Your trade show is done but where do you store your trade show booth? Finding the right exhibit storage is the key to protecting your investment and keeping your trade show booth display ready for the next show. Ion Exhibits provides on-site storage solutions that are climate controlled. Your trade show booth elements are checked in and out, so you know the location of each item. With a 60,000 sq. ft. warehouse, Ion Exhibits makes sure your exhibit items are safe and secure, and ready when you need them.

Show Service Coordination

Every show has ancillary services that need to be handled, whether it's working with the convention center for electrical and rigging, ordering cleaning for the booth, or requesting catering services. And with so many other details for your show, you want to be sure all your services have been ordered in advance. Ion Exhibits can handle ordering ancillary show services for your company, and you can focus on having a successful show.

Shipping Coordination

When you are coordinating your trade show, sometimes the importance of shipping can be missed. If shipping is not properly handled, trade show items can be lost or damaged, affecting your entire show. With Ion Exhibits, you can be sure your trade show booth is packed to arrive at your booth without damage, and can be easily uncrated for installation.

Repair and Maintenance

Sometimes your trade show booth items will need repair. When you need to have booth elements or graphics repaired or replaced, you want to know before you are on the show floor. Trust the experts at Ion Exhibits to regularly inspect your booth properties before they arrive at your show and handle any cleaning and repair work quickly. You also need an up-to-date list of all the booth elements in your inventory, and Ion Exhibits can help you develop and maintain your inventory list.