Ion Exhibits

Engineering & Fabrication

Setting the gold standard in the industry

Ion employs a team of skilled engineering and fabrication experts, who work in tandem with our designers. This is a key part of what sets Ion Exhibits apart. The design department can push the envelope of the process with the guidance of engineering. Their vision is firmly supported by the engineering team, who ensure every aspect of your booth design is structurally sound and show-ready.

Precision Drawings

It starts with precision drawings we create using design software. This allows updates to made quickly as the design changes and includes stress analysis of the design to ensure stability. Options can also be provided to the design team based on client needs.

Assembling Twice

The booth is then fully assembled in replicate conditions of the show floor, including all graphics and hanging signage. By having a ‘dry run’ of assembling your booth, any potential issues can be identified well before show time.

Standardized Raw Materials

Extra material is always kept on hand at Ion Exhibits. Also, we use only select number of suppliers for our raw materials, which allows us to better control quality and standardization.

Trained Technicians

All technicians are required to attend trade shows at least twice a year, making sure technicians have the real-world experience to apply to client work. For more complex booth properties, the lead technician also serves as the onsite supervisor at the show.