Ion Exhibits

Using your designer as part of your team

Having a booth designer is key to having a great booth display.  But, do you know what other knowledge your designer possesses?  Here are a few areas where your designer can add value to your overall show experience.

Tip #1: Brand Messaging

If you are struggling with how to use graphics in your booth, or want someone to review what you have developed, your designer can help.  By working on many shows a year, and seeing different graphics in use, your designer has a sense of what graphics will pop, and what could flop.

Tip #2: Strong Giveaways

As your designer works with you, he or she will gain insight into your brand, but still keep an unbiased view. This is a great resource to use to bounce ideas on giveaways in your booth, both from how they work with your booth design and your brand.

Tip #3: Furniture and Other Accessories

Your designer won't just make a shell for your booth - he or she will mentally be picturing furniture and other accessories to make it come to life. Ask for guidance on those accessories to create the best booth design-in-action.

Don't let your designer's thoughts stay only thoughts. Find out what ideas they have and bring them into your booth discussion.