Ion Exhibits

Positioning your booth staff

Where and how booth staff stand to engage attendees is just as critical as the number of staff you bring to the show.  When you are preparing staff, follow these tips for improved engagement, before your attendees set foot in your booth.

Tip #1: Stand in the Zone

Identify the zones where your booth intersects with aisle traffic. Then, train your booth staff to cover each of these zones. Encourage staff to move from the booth itself into the aisle when they are speaking with someone.

Tip #2: Position Your Body on an Angle

Attendees will feel more comfortable if you are standing angled to their entry, versus head on.  This allows you and your booth staff to still be in conversation, but open to others coming into the space.

Tip #3: Go Hands-free

While your booth staff will have either a lead retrieval or iPad in the booth, when they are first greeting attendees, ask them to have their hands free.  This gives a sense of openness and welcoming, versus having a device in hand and looking more like your staff is ready to conduct an interview.

Tip #4: Take Time for Onsite Training

Ensuring your staff is prepared before the show doors open is critical to your exhibit's success. Plan for and take the time needed to train your booth staff onsite, including how to position themselves, before attendees arrive and after your exhibit build is complete.