Ion Exhibits

3 big advantages in shipping to the Advanced Warehouse

You may not think of advanced warehouse shipping as a viable option. However, there are some distinct advantages to planning ahead with this method versus shipping Direct to Show. There is a nominal surcharge shipping to the Advanced Warehouse (the increase in cost over Direct to Show shipping averages between $5-$10 per container weight), but the sizable advantages in choosing Advanced Warehouse over Direct to Show shipping methods can easily outweigh the costs.


When you ship to the Advanced Warehouse, you are able to schedule labor teams early with confidence since you know when your freight will arrive in your booth. With Direct to Show shipping, you could be waiting hours (or even the next day) for your freight to be moved through the marshalling yard and shipping docs. This can be very stressful, especially when convention center labor teams are typically only available during business hours on the show floor.


You probably didn't know that there are extra fees associated with your shipping when the truck waits in line at the marshalling yard. This extra time can average 2-3 hours, or even up to double digit hours for larger shows. Advanced Warehouse can accept the freight immediately, so your shipping company is not being paid to wait to unload your shipment. 


With Advanced Warehouse shipping, your freight is in your booth and being unpacked and installed right away, instead of you waiting for freight to make it to your booth. You probably would rather be building your booth than sitting in your empty space waiting for the truck to move up in line to where it can finally be unloaded. And if something didn't ship or came damaged, that extra time can be a blessing to get that item replaced.