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Touch-Less Multi-Tool With Bottle Opener

Touch-Less Multi-Tool With Bottle Opener

Protect yourself at work and home with Ion's exclusive pocket Touch-Less Multi-Tool with bottle opener, avoiding germs by not directly touching commonly used items.  The 6" Multi-Tool is made from HDPE, a durable and washable anti-microbial dense plastic cutting board material.

Designed to protect from touching common objects found in office and home environments.

  • Flush Toilets / Urinal Handles
  • Pull Door / Drawer / Cabinet Handles
  • Pull Faucet Handles
  • Flip Light Switches
  • Pull Refrigerator Doors
  • Push Button on Microwaves / Copy Machines

Functional Multi-Tool Features

  • Bottle Opener
  • Position Wrench Accepts Various Size Nuts & Bolts
  • Standard Socket Driver For Various Screw Heads


Made in the USA by the Can-Do Ion Team.

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