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Portable Acrylic Desk Partitions

Portable Acrylic Desk Partitions

Ion's portable Acrylic Desk Partitions provide protection for staff in office, waiting room and retail environments.  High-quality barriers are made from 1/8" thick acrylic with rounded top corners, 13" x 3" pass-through opening and sturdy acrylic slotted base.  Sturdy 10" wide acrylic base is polished smooth that won't scratch surfaces.

Acrylic Partition Standard Dimensions

  • 44"W x 22"H x 10"D  ($170)
  • 44"W x 34.5"H x 10"D  ($270)
    • All with open slot 13"W x 3"H

Low tack adhesive graphic decal available.

Cleaning recommendations with ammonia-free cleaner and micro-towel.

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