Ion Exhibits

Peninsula Exhibits

Maximizing Your Booth Space

With a peninsula exhibit, you have open areas on three sides of the aisle, as well as a back-wall to anchor your booth display. This arrangement can be very beneficial for driving traffic patterns within your booth and for structuring your brand messaging. The right trade show booth display can bring both of these objectives together seamlessly.

Open Concept With An Anchor

When you are looking to showcase your booth in a peninsula space, you are working with an open concept booth that also has a back wall anchor point. Designing a peninsula space requires addressing elements so the feel is cohesive and all areas work together to truly maximize space and foot traffic.

Rental Peninsula Displays

With millions of dollars in rental exhibit components, Ion Exhibits has one of the largest inventories of new materials in the country. This allows our creative team to design a rental peninsula display as if it were a a custom exhibit.