Ion Exhibits


Branded Demonstration Area Inside Corporate Interior

Creating a international demonstration and welcoming center promotes the word-wide brand of Xeikon to it's dealer network.


Modern Branding Installation at Corporate Offices

Built-in corporate branding is a creative way to bridge together your environment with your company's identity by using bold colors and big statements.


Corporate Interior for Three Rooms & Three Walls

Driven by a central focus, the branded composition showcases three separate rooms, each with a unique vision.

First Midwest Bank

Brand Refresh in Bank Lobby

Refreshing a corporate facility with chrome logos and crisp graphics reinforce the brand and its values.

CNH Industrial

Multi-Media Branded Environment Representing Company History

Corporate environments can tell a story about the company’s brand identity by featuring multi-media stand-alone graphics that let the high-definition images do the talking.


Brand Identity Created Through Visual Appeal

Office interior branding with graphic display cases and multi-panel wall graphics add attributes that are unique to the organization's vision.


Vinyl & Three-Dimensional Branded Corporate Interior

Corporate environments create a unique opportunity to share your brand’s message and passion within the company while increasing employee productivity.


A Modern & Functional Branded Environment

The branded environment makes the workplace a positive expression of corporate culture that goes beyond the the main lobby and continues into the work space.


Three-Dimensional Lobby Fixtures and Vinyl Text on Corporate Walls

A sophisticated and timeless lobby branding exudes professionalism and overall identity of the corporate facility.


Wall Mounted Logo with Graphic Panels

A custom created and wall mounted logo in corporate room delivers a cohesive branding experience with the digitally printed graphic panels.

AB Graphics

53” Wide Painted Acrylic Logo

Make a statement in your corporate interior with a bold custom acrylic logo raised from the wall.

Bang & Olufsen

Free-Standing Wall Frame Structures with Various Shapes & Sizes

Develop a unique style influenced by your brand identity worth remembering with a moderate composition.