Ion Exhibits

Schreder Electric

Lightfair - Philadelphia PA

Our Challenge

Schreder Lighting was looking to create an immersive experience at LightFair, where clients and prospects could interact with their products in the environments that the lighting would be in.  This includes stadiums, tunnels, roadways, and campuses.  It was important to make their mark on the North American market.

How We Solved It

Through the constant development between Ion designers, Ion engineers, and the Schreder team, we were able to produce a miniature city.  Within their exhibit space at LightFair, all of the ecosystems would be available so that the look would not only be unique but accomplish the desire to showcase projects alongside the products.  Each area was able to create an encounter unlike any other resulting in the exhibit being the talk of the show.  Schreder was very excited as well with not only attendees discussing their products, but an increase in leads generated, up 439% from the previous year.  This was over double what they were expecting.  Sometimes it works well to not look like an exhibit at a trade show and this was a success story of that exact fact.