Ion Exhibits

Lapmaster Wolters

IMTS - McCormick Place

Our Challenge

Lapmaster and Peter Wolters had recently joined to become one company, and they were tasked with portraying their new unified identity, offering several products and services under one roof. They wanted to create organization within the exhibit space, making clear distinctions between the various product segments, yet with one common brand presence that flowed through the entire booth. Their image needed to be sleek, clean, and European inspired – all within tight budget constraints.

How We Solved It

Ion Exhibits understood the importance of prospective buyers understanding and connecting with the full scope of products now offered. We created a huge back-lit wall featuring all the product names, which could be read quickly and easily seen from the aisle – drawing qualified attendees into the booth. Filling in with essential storage rooms, conference rooms, a hospitality bar, and a huge hanging sign, the booth was completed on budget with just the right impact.