Ion Exhibits


Exhibit Management Program

Our Challenge

Fellowes was looking for a new partner, their team described it as “a vendor to lean on for our trade show needs.” Ion Exhibits quickly became their trusted advisor and partner. With newly developed brand guidelines, they were seeking a trade show booth that emulated their fresh new brand. Our team was invited to visit the newly remodeled facility for design inspiration. The client wanted modern clean lines, with a touch of human elements to make the exhibit both personable and approachable. Mimicking textures of soft accents with defined straight lines helped showcase their products.  They needed help focusing on the attendee journey path and how to highlight new products without creating a bottle neck around them.

How We Solved It

After providing an award winning design, we were asked how can we make this booth have less installation and dismantle time than their previous exhibit? We used tension fabric and aluminum tube framing for lighter fabrication materials. We were also able to leverage a custom fabricated dead man to hold the structure while the install team used a forklift to raise the next tier. Dimensional logos were a magnetic application with locator male magnets permanently attached to the structure for a quick and secure installation. Ion provided custom crating to keep many sections of the exhibit assembled as well for a faster dismantle and safer packing.