Ion Exhibits


Pack Expo - Las Vegas Convention Center

Our Challenge

ARPAC has a long-standing reputation as a leader in the packaging industry, but at this show they wanted to introduce their growing line of packaging for the housing and building industry. They wanted the entire exhibit to address their theme of “Under One Roof“, so prospective buyers understood the full scope of packaging solutions for every part of their construction needs.

How We Solved It

Working around several live packaging machines that were brought to the show, Ion Exhibits created a simple central truss tower structure holding (4) 80” monitors with looping demos highlighting the new product line, catching visitors’ eyes as they browsed through the booth space. The top of the tower was shaped like a roof to reinforce their key message. In addition, a small-scale replica of a house was custom made by our team of engineers and woodshop techs, which showcased ARPAC’s packaging solutions up close. Buyers could engage with the mini house by using one of 4 touch screen monitors that were pre-loaded with details about each packaging solution.