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Q Making Me Crazy!- The Future of QR Codes and Are You Using Them In Your Next Exhibit?

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Ever noticed how often you encounter a QR Code today? They’re on TV, in magazines, on product packaging, even menus. You also see them at conferences, walking the show hall or attending live events. QR codes took off out of necessity during the “no touch” days of Covid. Yet QR codes have continued to grow in popularity in event marketing for the value they deliver.

QR codes are used to view event details, register for admission, collect contact information, view product collateral and videos, participate in contests and much more. It’s uber easy for people to access information by simply scanning a code with their smart phone

Trade show exhibitors use QR codes to attract attendees, trigger activations to stimulate interaction, solicit feedback and even deliver entertainment. One expert states that interactive elements increase traffic and get attendees to spend up to four times longer in the booth. Plus exhibitors can track scans for insights into interests and to measure results.


Consider how implementing QR codes might benefit your live marketing efforts:


  • Displaying QR codes on signage or booth graphics offers opportunities to streamline design by reducing clutter and increasing free space. Attendees simply scan to receive product benefits, detailed specifications and other information.
  • Video QR codes enable you to upload programs to a page designed to educate viewers about products and service offerings.
  • Augmented reality QR codes can initiate information overlays, animations, and interactive content.
  • Vcard QR codes enable the exchange of contact information that can be saved to a smart phone along with links to other resources when they are scanned.
  • Social media QR codes, can direct viewers to a page displaying all of your social media platforms, so your audience can choose which channels they prefer to connect on.


QR codes can be customized. They don’t have to be black. In fact, QR codes can be produced in any color to reinforce your brand as long as there is sufficient contrast against the background. Many QR code generators allow for custom shapes and incorporating your logo. Just be sure your custom code will be recognized as a QR code.

To ensure optimal results, test your QR code with iPhone and Android smart phones using a variety of code-reader apps.

Contact your Ion Exhibits Client Success Team today to learn more about incorporating QR codes into your 2024 exhibit.