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Make Focus Your New Years Resolution

Posted By Kevin Fett
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As this year comes to a close we look forward to the New Year. The New Year brings opportunities to make changes. So we adopt resolutions that will help us succeed.

Many marketers are looking to make trade show marketing improvements in promotion, engagement and customer experience. To tackle challenges like these, you need to investigate and implement new problem solving solutions. That takes skill and time. Time is often a precious commodity.

Your time is valuable and needs to be invested in activities designed to fulfill organizational goals. To do this, you need to be very efficient with how you spend your time. Before the New Year gets into full swing, consider ways to shift your focus from urgent to important activities.

Show details take a lot of time and every task is important to execute. Managing show services, shipping logistics and tracking, installation, trade show inventory, exhibit storage, and display repairs can be a time bandit.

Trade show tasks multiply exponentially with the number of events you have on your calendar. Without sufficient planning and follow through, tasks can turn into urgent fire-fighting activities that become a distraction and drain on your time.

Put your focus where it needs to be: on the attendee. One way to streamline your time is to outsource or subcontract the day-to-day management of your exhibit program. Trust the experts. Your exhibit house employs and trains professionals who handle show management activities for many clients every day. To better understand the services within an exhibit management program, download this pdf.  Take a tour of your exhibit house facilities to see for yourself how they will support your exhibit management program. Watch this video.

Free yourself from time consuming activities without sacrificing on qualified management. Get 2020 vision for your 2020 trade show marketing. Ask your Ion Account Executive for an exhibit management estimate today.