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Three "P's" To Scout At Your Next Trade Show

Posted By Kevin Fett
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Three “P”s to Scout At Your Next Trade Show Booth

Whether you are exhibiting at a several trade shows or attending just one, it’s a prime opportunity to scout for improvements and additions to build your business through the power of trade shows.


KBIS Trade Show Exhibit - BekoTrade shows are designed for meeting people, many of whom may benefit your organization. They may be a good candidate for a position currently open or to be added on a temporary or permanent basis. From the airport, to hotel check-in, at the bar or restaurant, inline at registration, during the keynote presentation or an education session, and on the show floor; you and your colleagues will be making valuable connections.

Referrals are among the best sources of talent acquisition. People will be introduced to, or learn more about, your company and culture through interactions with you. People are drawn to professionals that greet them warmly, communicate effectively and are both knowledgeable and enthusiastic about the company.  

Company culture is one of the top factors for people considering a change in their position or the direction of their career. Exhibitors have been known to place a small sign in their trade show display stating they’re hiring.


Custom Exhibit Rental - PulmuoneWalking the show floor and visiting exhibitor booths are among the best ways to find new promotion ideas. As a pre-registered attendee you’ll see pre-event ads and receive invitations to visit exhibitors on the show floor.

At the show you can witness live presentations designed to stop passing traffic or “edutain” visitors within the booth space.  You may receive a token of your visit – a sample or premium gift to thank you for your time. Take note of what you see and experience that might be applied to your next event.

Some of the best promotional ideas aren’t original but actually modified or repurposed to suit different audiences or target markets.


Label Expo Trade Show Display - ICPHistorically, companies have chosen trade shows to launch new products. Exhibitors may want feedback from visitors on “yet to be released to the public” products. You may see the latest version of products already proven the marketplace.

A new product, whether it is equipment or technology, may improve your business operations or offer your company new revenue streams. Even if a product doesn’t fall into your area of responsibility, take advantage of the opportunity to explore the newest editions and models, request collateral and collect contact information to share with colleagues back at the office.

Ion Exhibits has more than thirty years of experience helping companies succeed at trade shows. From pre-show promotion and product presentation to booth staff training, we do it all. Spring events are just around the corner so contact your Ion Executive today.