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More Insights for Creative Inspiration

Posted By Kevin Fett
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Creative expression is one of the reasons I love the exhibition industry. If we are to offer exhibitors the best solutions, we need to pursue activities that sharpen our artistic sensibilities.

In his blog, Richard Branson, describes how being creative takes practice.  Branson believes there are all sorts of ways to be creative, and they all take practice. 

Mag Mile Creative Trip-  Ion ExhibitsPractice often entails venturing out from behind our desks. In my previous post “Walk a Mile for Creative Inspiration”, I shared how team Ion took a walking tour of flagship stores along the Magnificent Mile.

Other ways to gain inspiration and practice mindful creativity is through training opportunities.

The Computer Event Marketing Association, CEMA, recently sponsored a one day workshop in Chicago dubbed A Crash Course on Creativity and Innovation. Several members of our design team here at Ion were eager to attend this event.

Led by former Disney Head of Innovation & Creativity, Duncan Wardle, the program focused on the key barriers to creativity and techniques designed to practice creative behaviors. 

Wardle promotes a two-step process to brainstorming. The first is an expansionist approach that involves listening to, and building on, ideas. The second is for analysis of ideas using reductive thinking about how to do them. Karl O’Reilly, our Creative Manager, described the event as a hands-on experience where attendees broke into small groups to practice techniques. O’Reilly’s key takeaway was “participating in a variety of improvisational exercises that equipped us with an ideation methodology for building creativity with co-workers and clients”.

If you missed the CEMA workshop, you still have time to take advantage of upcoming training sessions. EXHIBITORLIVE 2020 is the exhibition industry’s top rated trade show marketing conference. The program offers creative sessions like these:

  • The Theater of Events: Increase Event Impact through Creative Thinking
  • Generate Creative Ideas to Maximize Attendee and Sponsor Engagement
  • Creative Bravery: Develop BIG Ideas and Persuade Stakeholders to be BOLD
  • Creative Thinking to Reinvigorate Your Program

I’d be interested to hear how you and your co-workers stay on top of your game. What activities do you engage in to practice your creativity?