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Walk A Mile For Creative Inspiration

Posted By Kevin Fett
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Face-to-face marketing at trade shows and business events requires us to captivate and engage our audience. This entails creativity. We all possess creative abilities. In fact, the right hemisphere of our brain is responsible for creative and artistic tasks. Creative minds are built through exercise and practice. So how can we stimulate and nurture our innate creative skills?

Stanford University research found that walking boosts creative inspiration by stimulating pathways in the brain. This helps explain the phrase “breath of fresh air” to describe something as energizing or invigorating.

Mag Mile Trip - Creative InspirationDeep Patel, author of The 11 Principles of Success, suggests that mindful observation fuels our creativity. In an article for Entrepreneur Magazine, Patel wrote “By improving your observation skills, you’ll tap into your creative energy and discover nuances and details you hadn’t noticed before. This will open your mind to new possibilities and help you build a repertoire of experiences that can ignite innovation. Being observant means paying close attention to the world around you.”  Patel goes on to recommend, “One easy hack to rekindle your creativity is to try changing your environment.”

To enrich our creative instincts, Team Ion embarked on a road trip this summer with a walking tour of the Magnificent Mile. Many of you know this iconic commercial district in downtown Chicago.  

An attendee’s experience on the trade show floor is similar to what a consumer encounters at retail stores. Think about your own experiences attending a trade show and shopping. You enter the space, are greeted by staff and begin your journey to explore products you may want to purchase.

With pre-scheduled visits to three leading retail brands, we were able to participate in the experience as consumers and audit their design approach. Key to the experience was a focus on drawing visitors into, and immersing them in, the brand story. Each brand had unique exterior identification, floor plan layout, and product placement strategies. The interior design fused signage, colors, textures, visual images and technology with “wow” factor surprises to create an engaging experience for shoppers.

We finished the day at a happy hour  downloading our notes and exchanged observations. Everyone came away from the trip rejuvenated by the experience and equipped with new inspiration for our clients.  Our next step in our mag mile creative experience is separating into 3 teams to design and present exhibits for each of these iconic brands - stay tuned.

Creativity cultivates innovation which is essential in developing a competitive advantage. Let Ion Exhibits develop a brand-centric environment for your next event.