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Technology trends for 2019

Posted By Kevin Fett
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Technology within the event space continues to be a major focus - impacting the attendee experience for better or worse. Even with technology still being a bit out of budgetary reach, choosing the technology that is appropriate for your event should still be a priority. Here are some trends that will continue into 2019 and are worth considering for your next event.

Voice Recognition: If you have areas where the attendee needs to enter information, look at ways to incorporate voice recognition into the entries. Voice recognition is not only faster, the attendee can then control the experience and make sure the answers are complete and accurate.

Virtual Reality: The application of the 360-degree video is gaining a lot of momentum. From watching games to concerts to educational sessions, VR gives attendees who cannot be there in person the chance to still interact, network and learn.

Touch Technology: This should be a given, but some companies are still using laptops that do not turn into tablets and allow touch engagement. You can leave the mouse at home and have a tablet or screen that incorporates touch technology so attendees can move through your digital asset or demonstration with quickness and ease.

Live Technology: There is a growing use of real-time feedback using live technology. If you are thinking of having a quiz or education session in your booth, providing real-time feedback on answers or engagement will keep your audience focused and interacting with the moderator and fellow attendees.

Non-Imposing Data Capture: With the use of beacons and floor mats, booths and even show organizers can quickly and easily capture traffic data and attendance. This technology is best used for aggregate data capture and quick analysis of traffic patterns which can be useful, even at a high level.

With the new trends and technology movement, when choosing a given technology to incorporate into your trade show booth, be sure to give ample time to understand, test, implement and test again. Technology that does not work or is not effective in providing an enhanced attendee experience is by far worse than not having the technology in the first place. Plan ahead to be sure you understand how the technology works and that you have the right support for it to be executed flawlessly in your booth experience. Attendees will be appreciative of the extra effort that is put into their experience, and will remember your efforts.