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Bring Spirit Of Giving To Your Trade Show Booth

Posted By Kevin Fett
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With Thanksgiving come and gone, and the December Holidays just around the next corner, we all feel the rush of the end of the year. Why not slow down and use the spirit of giving to impact your trade show booth experience in 2019 and beyond? There are several ways you can ‘give back’ that will make your community feel joyful and appreciative.


Bring the spirit of giving by focusing on education versus selling: Your attendees are always thirsty for knowledge. When they come into your booth, rather than provide a sales pitch, find out where their knowledge may need additional information and provide it. With a focus on education, you can start a conversation that can go beyond the show and build into a strong customer. And by educating, you are positioning your organization as a thought-leader, which brings value to your attendees and sets your organization apart.


Bring the spirit of giving by focusing on leading in your industry: If your organization has not done so, consider getting involved in the association that is affiliated with the show. You can provide an educational session, have members of your staff serve on the board, or serve in a variety of other ways to lead in your industry and give back your knowledge and talent. You can also offer to mentor new attendees or those new to the industry at the show, and have the opportunity to connect with new members in the industry. Leadership is something that every affiliation is happy to cultivate.


Bring the spirit of giving by donating time to a local cause after your show: I love this idea since you can do something that is team building as well as local giving. Consider having your trade show staff stay one day extra to volunteer at a soup kitchen or animal shelter. Your team will be in once place, and every city needs the resource of help (since many hands make the burden light). You will have to plan ahead with the organization to make sure you can come in the day after the show. Be sure to inspire others by posting of your giving event on your social media channels.


The spirit of giving doesn't have to be a once a year phenomenon. Incorporate your own version of the giving spirit in your trade show experience and see the impact you can make with your attendees and your industry.