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How to customize your booth without breaking your budget

Posted By Kevin Fett
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It may surprise you that nearly ¾ of attendees travel over 400 miles to attend a tradeshow. With a wide net of potential attendees, you want to make your booth space shine. One great way is to customize your booth. And there are ways to bring in customization that doesn't break your budget.

Advanced Clinical 10x20Choose unique materials: A great way to bring customization into your booth space is to choose materials that are unique and make your booth stand out. Not all material in the booth need to be unique, so you can choose certain areas where an investment won't push you over budget, but can still make a huge impact. A good example of this is considering your flooring options. You can have a customized feel in your booth with flooring, and upgrading this type of material does not have to be overly costly. Another example is the type of graphic material used. There are many new options for both materials and printing capabilities, giving your booth a high-end look that isn't a budget breaker. Talk to your booth designer and if you can, take a tour of the exhibit house to see the printing options available and a sample of the finished product.

Invest in great lighting: Take the time to review different lighting options to see where you might be able to invest. Upgraded lighting can have a major impact on the mood and look of your booth. What's more, many exhibitors don't really consider all the lighting options available, so this is a great place to have your booth stand out without a lot of dollars invested. Work with your booth designer to see what lighting options are available and how different choices can affect the perception of your booth to attendees (and other exhibitors).

Customize your pitch with your booth staff: You may not think about your booth staff, but having an on-point pitch and a strong show message can be a great way to customize your booth, and it only costs the investment of time. This is where strong booth training comes in: with your booth staff on what the message is, with the pitch you are delivering, and with a clear understanding of how the booth graphics and layout support this message. Take the time before the show not only to review the messaging (you can do this in a classroom setting like a conference room), but also a solid walk thru of the booth layout and how each demonstration should be presented to showcase different aspects of your messaging.

Customization does not have to mean big dollars. By choosing the right areas for customization, you can make your booth stand out and still stay within budget.