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Let There Be Logo Light

Posted By Kevin Fett
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Humans are naturally drawn to light. This may explain why we’re seeing a trend in exhibit designs featuring a variety of ways to incorporate lighting. From overhead to underfoot, there are multiple ways to incorporate lighting effects into your trade show display. We hope these examples inspire you to explore new ways to outshine your competition on the show floor.

Halo-Lit 3-D Logo's

Halo-Lit Logo - AramarkA lit dimensional logo can draw in visitors from across the show floor.  These visual beacons are referred to as halo-lit 3-D logo's, which provide a impactful POP of your brand identity over traditional printed logo's.  3-D logo's are CNC machine-cut out of various materials including foam and acrylics.  Materials can be printed, laminated or painted depending on the application, desired look or color.  Lighting elements are typically LED back-lit for a inviting glowing effect.   

Locations for halo-lit logos are typically located at the highest point of the exhibit, however alternate locations of visual impact can also be seen on reception counters, greeting visitors at the starting point of the exhibit.  Reception counters are a great starting point for visitors to be qualified, so why not entice with a halo-lit 3-D logo?   

Be sure to work with fabricators who engineer a pre-installed system for easy mounting on-site to avoid costly venue installations.  So go-ahead, get noticed and enhance your brand with halo-lit logo's for greater impact!