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Options for storing your trade show booth properties

Posted By Kevin Fett
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From maintaining brand consistency to integrating marketing campaign strategies, there are myriad reasons why designing and crafting a custom trade show booth is the right choice for many companies. However, custom exhibit properties are often a large part of an organization's marketing capital expenditures budget. With that significant investment, it is important that your assets be protected and kept in optimal condition for repeated use. If the TSNN top 2016 show stats are any indication, there are quite a few shows attendees visit each year. One way to ensure your exhibit's longevity and continued attractiveness is to select the right storage solution for periods between shows. There are a few features in a storage solution you should consider:

EMPClimate-control: Whether you are storing simple graphics or sophisticated A/V components, a climate-controlled warehouse will protect against extreme heat and cold that can warp and damage your property. In addition, it has the benefits of preventing dust from accumulating on your exhibit properties and humidity from impacting wood and other structural elements.

Security: Keeping your assets secure is a crucial part of having a custom trade show booth. Look for facilities that are monitored by security personnel or a security system, and know what is covered by your insurance and the facility's insurance, in case of theft or damage. It is also important to confirm if your facility has a fire-suppression system or other contingency plans for emergency management.

Easy access: From time to time, especially between shows, it may be necessary to access your stored properties. Be sure to know what is involved in getting to your assets. Are they stacked, decked, boxed, or crated? What is the lead time the facility needs to pull your properties? Are there multiple truck bays to make loading and unloading efficient? The advantage of storing your booth with your exhibit house is knowing when the booth properties come in, they are checked into an inventory system and inspected for needed repairs. Then, before the properties go out again, those repairs can be made easily and cost-effectively. Plus, your exhibit is fully-prepped, packed and loaded by trade show experts.

Understanding the basics of storage options and asking the right questions of your exhibit house will help you get the most out of your owned properties. Having a defined storage plan in place even before designing your custom trade show booth can assist in developing the optimal elements for long-term use, and allow you to maximize your investment.