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LEDskin Creating Buzz on the Show Floor

Posted By imascot
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Client Case Study: Zero Systems

LEDskinZero Systems uses artificial intelligence (AI) and workflow-based technologies to optimize office productivity by automating the enormous volume of administrative activities that are critical to professional service firms. In just a few short years their groundbreaking automation has become a rising star in the legal services space.

Zero Systems came to Ion Exhibits as a new client based on the recommendation of their marketing manager who had worked with Ion previously.  Based on the success of that experience, Ion Exhibits was brought in to make improvements to their exhibit and overall value.

beMatrix LEDskinZero Systems wanted their exhibit design to be as exhilarating as their technology solutions. Executives cited three stipulations for the build:

  1. 1. No overhead rigging that would interfere with simple aesthetic of the brand cube design and to reduce overall costs from the show.
  2. 2. Continuous transition without seams around corners for the video wall.
  3. 3. No interior space wasted on storage rooms.

To deliver on all of Zero’s requirements and provide design flexibility and cost effectiveness, Team Ion recommended a custom rental exhibit.  The exhibit design uses LEDskin video tiles on one corner axis of the stand that features a picture window.

LEDskinZero’s video content used the latest 3D and 4k imagery to portray their innovative technologies. Ion Exhibits has become the go-to industry leader in LEDskin, investing early in the technology and establishing a large inventory of over 600 LEDskin tiles with plug & play equipment.   

The exhibit was successful, in part, due to meticulous detailing and planning from Ion’s engineering department. Team Ion set-up and rehearsed the program prior to shipping it to the show so Zero would be assured that their exhibit would perform flawlessly.

The CEO and CRO said the booth did exactly what they envisioned – stopping people in the aisles and generating buzz among attendees.  Zero team members used to social media to invite attendees to visit their booth "to see cutting-edge AI-powered solutions....and the booth itself is an experience you don't want to miss!" Zero’s exhibit became a centerpiece of the show.