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Understanding the impact of booth lighting on your attendees

Posted By Kevin Fett
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When I think of lighting on a show floor, I don't just look at the conference center lighting, which can be glaring in some areas and missing in others. The way an exhibitor lights their booth can have a direct impact on the attendees entering it. In fact, a recent article from Brex Lighting dives into a commonly used form of lighting in the trade show booth and its effect on mood: LED lighting. Here are some thoughts around lighting's effects and how to help your attendees experience your booth with the right lighting options.


Lighting as a highlight: A very common use of lighting in a trade show booth is to highlight a certain area. This can be a graphic sign, demonstration, or even an area in the booth for presentations. And a very common mistake is to use too many highlights in the booth. Think of this the same way a theater uses a spotlight. Be strategic in what areas you want to point out to your attendees. For example, you may have a new product on a demonstration line, or you may want your new branded hanging sign seen by all attendees. In highlighting, less really is more.

Lighting as an ambiance: In certain areas of your booth, such as lounge areas or areas where you wish to conduct business, ambiance lighting can go a long way. Lighting here should be comparable to natural lighting, and have a soft glow versus a brightness to it. But do not make the area too dim, especially if you plan on reviewing pricing and contracts with your attendees. Lighting should be soft and natural without losing the ability to see. Some choices here would include floor lamp lighting, or up-angle lights so they are not directly focused on the area or those in that space.

Lighting as a draw for engagement: Don't forget that lighting can be used to draw attendees in from other areas of the show, and can be used to attract attendees to your booth. A popular option here is back light on your hanging sign, or lighting on the top two layers of your "cake". (Not sure what I mean? Check out my video blog on this very concept.) In this usage, you are focusing on the areas of your booth that are visible from either the entrance or further into the convention center. This helps to draw the attendees toward that area, and gives your booth staff a chance to engage them as they come up the aisles.

Be sure to talk to your designer about best lighting options to achieve your trade show goals and how to help your attendees get the most out of your booth.