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Three Ways To Increase Attention On Your Trade Show Display

Posted By Kevin Fett
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Three Ways To Increase Attention On Your Trade Show Display

Trade shows and exhibitions are making a strong comeback. You have likely attended one recently or are planning to participate in one soon. With the latter in mind, we wanted to share a few pointers on how your trade show exhibit can attract greater engagement with your audience on the trade show floor.

Trade shows are bright, colorful, noisy and filled with attendees walking through the aisles. You need to find a way to cut through all of audio, visual and physical clutter to get attendees eyes to stop on your exhibit just long enough for your staff to connect with them.

Overhead signage

KBIS Exhibit - BEKOFloor real estate is limited to the size space you contract for at an exhibition. One way to maximize space in your island is by building up. Overhead signage will draw attention from multiple angles on the trade show floor. Available in variety of shapes and sizes, overhead signage boldly promotes your brand. Lead them to your exhibit space with billboard-like directional signage. Imagery can be placed on the outside and inside of the sign. Dimensional letters can be applied that are front or backlit, too.

Motion Graphics

Super Bowl Live - Oceans ConservatoryRecent technological innovations have brought exhibitors exciting graphic options. Your graphic messages can be played as video with incredible 4k picture quality across gigantic surfaces.

Immerse your audience in an experience only you can provide to them by turning the surfaces of your exhibit into a video wall.


Known as LEDskins, your video is “mapped” to play onto any exhibit surface. Content is pre-programmed to play on a loop which eliminates costly on-site AV supervision during the event. Power is contained within the structure for a seamless presentation with no visible wiring or video wall mounting.

3D Props

Comic Con - Viz MediaFirst and foremost your exhibit space is designed to conduct business with your prospective buyers and clients. It will be equipped to encourage connections. Trade show attendees come to expect reception stations for greeting and recording visitors, counters and kiosks for demos, seating areas for conversation, etc. But props offer them something unexpected. Custom fabricated props add dramatic dimension that stimulates engagement by provoking curiosity or creating a sense of whimsy.

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