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Smart-Touch Is Technology Made Smart

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Ion Exhibits is excited to offer a new technology for exhibitors that captures both the attendee’s eye and their interest with Smart-Touch Technology®. This software touchscreen technology on a big screen provides exhibitors with a digital showcase of their marketing tools and other digital elements to engage attendees on the show floor.

Exhibitors can add in digital elements, including videos, social media, websites and landing pages, games, photo galleries, brochures and more.

Smarter installation for easy deployment: Ion Exhibits can provide button packages for exhibitors, with the exhibitor’s branding and digital assets ready to go in the software and on the show floor. If an exhibitor needs more customization, such as surveys or educational games, Ion Exhibits can customize Smart-Touch Technology to work within the exhibitor booth demonstration. Whether you are looking for a simple solution or to provide a more in-depth digital showcase, Ion Exhibits will have your Smart-Touch Technology package set up, tested and deployed in your booth with ease.

Assets made digital and accessible: Whether you want to provide marketing brochures, videos and photos, or landing pages in your trade show booth, Smart-Touch Technology lets the attendee drive the interaction. If you are looking to step up your game with digital interactions, Smart-Touch Technology provides the ability to develop games to share product information in a fun way. Puzzles can also be added into the software to create interesting ways to engage and capture attendee information and potential interests in the booth products and services.

Sales process done smarter, and faster: Adding WiFi in the booth allows exhibitors to instantly send attendee the requested digital assets to their email. By starting the sales process while the attendee is still on the show floor, exhibitors begin the sales process that much sooner. Contact information for the attendee is also self-verified, providing the inside sales team with accurate contact information to continue the sales process.

Data capture to the cloud: Because the engagement is digital, data points can be identified and captured. All data is then sent to the cloud for immediate use and analysis. This allows digital engagement to be optimized using captured data from the show. Exhibitors can also see what assets are viewed and emailed during the show, what videos are watched and what products and services are popular at the show.

If you are looking for a new technology experience for your attendees, Smart-Touch Technology is the smart solution for your upcoming show.