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Trade Show Exhibit Graphic Trends for 2020

Posted By Kevin Fett
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Trade show graphics are a hot topic of interest because they are so important to making a great first impression on your audience. I’ve posted about influences on exhibit design as well as design and production techniques to ensure the best product. Now I’d like to share some observations about exhibit graphic trends which are based on what we’re seeing in recent projects on the show floor.

Colors on White

20x20 Island Exhibit - BiodesixWhite provides a clean, sleek background that reflects light. Whether your exhibit architecture is angular, organic or a combination, bold colors appear saturated when placed on a pure white canvas. The sharp contrast intensifies the combination to attract visitor attention and create an environment that is both exciting and inviting.



Back-lighting & Movement

Backlit displays - ion exhibitsIllumination accentuates exhibit graphics. Anything from a halo-lit three dimensional logo to fully lit walls, back-lighting serves to amplify your message since humans are naturally drawn to light.  Dynamic motion graphics are popular in the Asian marketplace, and are working it's way to the states.  These types of graphic are back-lit graphics with pre-programmed LED nodes that fire in different patterns and colors.


Natural Finishes

PMA Fresh Summit - PulmuoneIncorporating elements from nature adds warmth and texture to trade show exhibit graphics. This makes the environment more approachable. Real organic materials such as grasses and foliage can be staged or printed as exhibit graphics. Surfaces including overhead signage, walls and floors can be printed with graphics to replicate wood, stone, and other materials.


Brands are embracing a modern yet welcoming combination of design elements that magnify the impression trade show graphics make on visitors. Check out more exhibit designs in our client showcase.