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Designing To The Edge

Posted By Kevin Fett
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When companies are designing booth space, the center area is the main focus, and for good reason. What can be considered in a design, however, are the outer edges of the booth. Yes, these areas need to be used for booth traffic. Designing can also take into account what the function of the edges are in a company’s booth engagement.

Clearly the path to enter: Companies may not think about this, but oftentimes the edges end up being blocked by various choices in design. If attendees need to come in at certain areas, consider using the carpet design or flooring to highlight a “yellow brick road” into the booth. A booth that has a raised floor or a step to come into the booth could dissuade attendees to enter. Having a platform could make the booth feel too exclusive. Also, anyone with a physical disability or difficulty walking would not be able to step up into the booth, so keep that in mind.

Positioning of booth staff: I love the idea of having staff members ready to greet attendees as they walk in. Having staff positioned right at the edges, however, can sometimes feel more like a blocker than a greeter in the booth. What can work better is to have booth staff in the aisle itself, and have those staff members walk attendees into the center of the booth to hand off to interior staff. By having staff in the aisles, there is more of an opportunity to move and connect with attendees who may have floated by.

Showcase video via monitors: The edge of the booth is a perfect location to add monitors showing video of a company’s products and services in action. The movement is a great eye catching element and a set up monitor takes up minimal floor space. The video can be on a continuous loop and show products and services in a different capacity than what is being shown in the booth. The video should enhance the message of the booth, not compete with it. Since there is a lot of noise on the show floor, rather than competing with the noise, add in closed captioning and keep the video on mute.

The edges of your booth real estate can be easily overlooked, but can provide the first impressions of your booth experience to your attendees. Be sure to design to your booth’s edge and leverage those important areas.