Ion Exhibits

Ion Exhibits Easter Egg Hunt

Nothing like some friendly competition to hunt down eggs - except there was more then candy in those eggs!  Congrats to Vince for winning a half-day vacation for most eggs!  That was fun.  

iMascot - Champion over Material Handling

Congrats to our iMascot for it's victory over Material Handling in the Championship.  iMascot's knowledge and competitive advantages over Material Handling were the clear deciding factors for win.  Better luck next time, Material Handling - we have your number.    

Top Design Trends Influencing Trade Show Exhibits

Trade show exhibit designs often follow trends in commercial interiors such as offices, retail and hospitality spaces. While you rely on your exhibit house to bring you fresh design concepts, it may help you to understand how trends from other industries may be incorporated into your trade show display. There is a philosophical movement underway in the architectural and interior design community. Biophilia is the love of living systems and recognizes our biological tendency to be drawn to na...