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Adding New Technology To Your Show

When was the last time you looked at new technology to add to your trade show? You may be playing it safe with your technology attributes in your booth. But if you are looking for more attendee traffic, better engagement and stronger impact compared to your competition, adding new technology can help you achieve that. Each goal has a different technology consideration. Technology that adds to booth traffic: With this consideration, you want to add movement and visuals to your booth. A great ...

I Love Our New LED Skins!

Discover the newest generation 2.5 pixel technology in digital attendee engagement - LEDskin® If you are looking for technology innovation that can increase digital attendee engagement, look no further. The LEDSkin from Ion Exhibits, in partnership with beMatrix, is the next generation of video screen technology, providing your booth with a wall that becomes your high definition video screen. Just supply your video, and Ion does the rest. Learn more about LEDskin®.

Exhibitors Like Me

Exhibitors come to me when they are looking for a more creative display solution or when they are needing better value in their trade show program. If any of these challenges sound familiar in your trade show program, let's connect.

3 Ideas For Incorporating F&B In Your Booth

If you are looking for additional ways to boost your booth activity and traffic, you may want to reconsider the food and beverage (F&B) option that is available at the show. Having F&B in your booth can help attract attendees and keep them there for longer engagement. So, what different ways can you use F&B in your booth? Invite your attendees to visit your booth on the first day with an F&B option. Let your attendees know before they go there will be food and beverage at you...