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To attract people, a trade show display should be aesthetically pleasing. It's a nice bonus if your trade show exhibit also grabs attention and creates buzz at the Event or Show.

But when you see a trade show booth that can do all that plus help the sales team generate leads and convert prospects on the floor... well, you're probably looking at an ion exhibit from our Chicago area creative team.

You can get that kind of synergy working for your company, too, with an ion trade show display that commands attention, pulls visitors in and persuades them with a dynamic presentation.

That's how our trade show exhibits please your prospects. Here's how we please you with a comprehensive service offering that includes:

  • Design and creation of your new trade show booth for rentals and purchases
  • Exhibit graphics design and production
  • Shipping of your exhibit anywhere it needs to go
  • Installation and dismantle services for your exhibit
  • Exhibit refurbishing and repair as needed
  • Online exhibit management for client owned exhibits- storage, pre-show preparation, shipping, installation and dismantle, post-show inspection reports, repair and maintenance
  • Event-focused, trackable and measurable Marketing Support Advisory services for pre-show, in-show and post-show activities
  • Corporate Interiors - design and deployment

And because all the work involved in creating your trade show exhibit is done in-house at our Chicago area headquarters, you get a fast turnaround on your order. So when your schedule is moving at the speed of light, our display professionals keep the pace and deliver on time.


"ion exhibits has designed and built rental exhibits for our major trade shows for many years, also handling the set up & tear down. Not only do they offer a wide variety of affordable customized rental exhibits, but they're also flexible and easy to work with. Their dedicated install/dismantle labor crew is amazing and fun to work with. A big thanks to ion for taking some of the stress out of exhibiting!"

Angela Tillander
Marketing Team

…A key trade show for my firm, MineExpo in Las Vegas, was looming. At the time, we were working with another exhibit company that had historically provided our trade show exhibits for various shows. This time out, their designs and associated budgets failed to meet our expectations after multiple attempts. I knew that I didn’t have much time to act and how important a strong exhibit presence would be for us at this show.”

“I found ion exhibits online and I was glad I did. Right off the bat, the ion Team asked me all the right questions and really listened to my answers. Knowing time was short, they were able to turn around a unique 10x20 design on time and on budget. They even helped us with our graphics design and, again, did a great job.”

“We look forward to working with the ion Team for many years to come. They earned our trust and our business.”

Aaron Kady
North American Sales and Marketing Manager
ABL Lights Group USA

“We have worked with ion exhibits for many years on behalf of our clients that want a labor crew that can be trusted.

Trade shows in Chicago have always been a challenge for many of our clients. The union regulations and changes from year to year, can make for a difficult work environment, but I feel with ion exhibits representing us, we are providing our client with the best service in Chicago.”

Alexandra Habibi
Senior Account Manager
The Trade Show Group

“I've used rental exhibits from ion since 2003 for our major shows in Chicago. I’ve come to rely on the team at ion – their quick response to my last-minute needs have bailed me out more than once.

I rent all my exhibit hardware, lighting and I use ion labor for install and dismantle. The ease of shipping our own graphics to the show and renting the same exhibit hardware has given us the opportunity to change our look if we want - and not have to own an exhibit.

When I work with ion, I know what I am getting - a fair price for my exhibit rental. Each time I work with ion, I know I'll get personal attention and organized follow-up, along with great quality workmanship. They definitely make it easy for me to do business.”

April Ondis
Marketing Director
QuickLabel Systems

“The service we get from ion exhibits is professional, friendly, and prompt. We have partnered together on several projects since 2008; the relationship I have with them is built on mutual trust and respect.

We have repeatedly partnered with ion exhibits to provide my clients with cost effective exhibiting options. The result has been reduced costs and happy Stak Design Clients.

I have the confidence that the product will be delivered as promised, on time and installed and dismantled by a team of professionals. I would happily recommend partnering with ion exhibits for any of your trade show needs.”

Heather Hankamer
Account Executive
Stak Design

"We initially found ion exhibits through a web search for a new display solution and were impressed with the depth and breadth of what ion exhibits had to offer. Ion was not the lowest cost option, but their comprehensive approach gave us the comfort level we needed at a reasonable price point.

We chose to work with ion exhibits because we were looking for a partnership which we could depend upon over the long haul and the ion exhibits' team fit nicely. I would recommend working with ion exhibits for any exhibit need."

Andrea Harnden
Corporate Marketing Manager
Hammes Company

"The service we get from ion is professional, friendly, prompt - nothing but top notch from graphics, to hardware, to installation and dismantle . The relationship I have with them is built on trust. When I hire them each year to rent an island exhibit for our one national show per year, I know it will be delivered correctly, on time, and on budget. I happily recommend working with ion exhibits for your trade show needs!"

Nicole Clay, Marketing Manager
In-Pipe Technology Company, LLC

“We have worked with ion exhibits over the last 15 years using their labor crew for our carpentry needs at Chicago shows. The service we get is professional, friendly and prompt. The relationship I have with them is built on trust.

When I hire them to install and dismantle an exhibit for our clients, I know that they will provide top-notch service and do whatever it takes to be sure our clients are well taken care of. I can count on ion to represent us, knowing that they understand the importance of a successful installation and dismantle.”

Kim Thomas
Installation & Dismantle Coordinator
Skyline Southeast

“The General Board of Pension and Health Benefits wanted to host a booth that would be engaging, interactive and yet provide a calm retreat for delegates at the two-week General Conference to get away for a brief moment and relax. ion exhibits helped us create a wonderful space that met all of our objectives.

The 30’x30’ booth helped our organization highlight our four product / service areas as well as provide serenity for the attendees to check their e-mail messages at the internet café or relax with a chair massage. With the help of the ion Team, we were able to create a beautiful and functional booth with a lot of open space by maximizing large fabric structures printed with beautiful nature scenes. Through the use of kiosks, we created awareness of our products / services with electronic messaging tailored to an international audience. The ion team listened, designed and delivered top-notch service – beginning to end – and helped us enjoy a successful event!"

Thank you so much! We look forward to working with you again in the future.

Renee Smith-Edmondson
Manager of Administration
General Board of Pension and Health Benefits

"As part of ion's Exhibit Management Program, I entrust them to handle several smaller shows using our 10' portable display and one major event per year with a 20 X 20 custom rental exhibit. I don't attend most of the shows personally, but I often get great comments back from my team members that are present at the booths. Recently, our Business Development Manager who staffed our booth at the MFA Chicago said that ion did an outstanding job -- and that it was the nicest exhibit at the show. Same thing for the NIRI show in Washington. It's so important for us to have suppliers that we can rely on, which gives us peace of mind! Thank you ion for your efficient and professional work on all the projects we send your way."

Christiane Lavallée
Corporate Events Coordinator

"Our company exhibits in over 100 shows per year, using a variety of exhibits -- ranging from banner stands and table top displays for our smaller events, to a custom modular island exhibit for our larger shows. ion's Exhibit Management Programs helps us stay organized and on top of all our shows, handling whatever services are needed -- from exhibit preparation and maintenance, installation & dismantle, shipping, new graphics, exhibit reconfiguration, and assistance with our show order forms. Being in the business of technology, our products and marketing strategies are changing and expanding at the speed of light -- and ion keeps up with our pace, meeting tight deadlines when needed. They handle the details so we can focus on our own growth!"

Julie Vickery
Marketing Specialist

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