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What you see below and on the following pages are examples of different exhibit types, ranging from banner stands to pop-ups to inlines, islands, peninsulas and more.


Trade Show Exhibit Rentals Chicago, Inline, Island, Multimedia Display Kiosks. A key advantage to working with ion exhibits is that our client exhibit rentals don't look like exhibit rentals.

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Save time and budget via ion's vertically integrated corporate interior design services, bringing your brand to life...

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Trade show and event focused marketing support advisory services, web-based exhibit management, installation & dismantle services, show services coordination and exhibit refurbishment...

Welcome to ion exhibits

To attract people, a trade show display should be aesthetically pleasing. It's a nice bonus if your trade show exhibit also grabs attention and creates buzz at the Event or Show.

But when you see a trade show booth that can do all that plus help the sales team generate leads and convert prospects on the floor... well, you're probably looking at an ion exhibit from our Chicago area creative team.

You can get that kind of synergy working for your company, too, with an ion trade show display that commands attention, pulls visitors in and persuades them with a dynamic presentation.

That's how our trade show exhibits please your prospects. Here's how we please you with a comprehensive service offering that includes:

  • Design and creation of your new trade show booth for rentals and purchases
  • Exhibit graphics design and production
  • Shipping of your exhibit anywhere it needs to go
  • Installation and dismantle services for your exhibit
  • Exhibit refurbishing and repair as needed
  • Online exhibit management for client owned exhibits- storage, pre-show preparation, shipping, installation and dismantle, post-show inspection reports, repair and maintenance
  • Event-focused, trackable and measurable Marketing Support Advisory services for pre-show, in-show and post-show activities
  • Corporate Interiors - design and deployment

And because all the work involved in creating your trade show exhibit is done in-house at our Chicago area headquarters, you get a fast turnaround on your order. So when your schedule is moving at the speed of light, our display professionals keep the pace and deliver on time.

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